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Ikusa Logo Design Update

Ikusa Logo Design Update

Originally, in launching Ikusa, I wanted a logo that was simple, represented my Japanese-inspired brand, and was intentionally iconographic. After 7 years, I felt the brand design was long overdue for a more professional update with the requisite thinking and...

Being Relevant

One of the more common questions we get from clients is how-to, specifically, rank well in search engines. Even as we see the industry mature these past few years, marketing online still seems rooted in the offline marketing paradigm, at least in many business owner's...

Polluting the River

It feels cliche, 20 years on, to say the Internet changed us all. Certainly, we take so much of it for granted because, for those of us affluent enough, it's always available. And within the search industry, engines work tirelessly to control the purity of their...

The Slow Burn

After so many years in the web marketing industry, if there is anything consistent between all the companies I've worked for, it's the need to see results now.  Understandably, this comes out of a short-term gain mentality that is indicative of the...

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