Originally, in launching Ikusa, I wanted a logo that was simple, represented my Japanese-inspired brand, and was intentionally iconographic. After 7 years, I felt the brand design was long overdue for a more professional update with the requisite thinking and strategy. I reached out to Sabrah Maple of Maple Creative Studio, someone with whom I’ve worked previously and who is a fantastic, talented designer, and brand thinker.

The new logo takes its inspiration from the astrolabe. A device used to navigate and chart a course, it seemed a beautiful image when reduced to a more simple design. Sabrah and I worked through a large number of versions, until settling on the current one – it also resembles an eye or lens which, along with a navigational instrument, denotes exploration and research and finding what you need. All of these seem related to search engines in theme – so it was a natural fit.

The font is Minerva, a reference to the Roman goddess of wisdom, war, medicine, and commerce. It seemed a fitting choice as well. Working with Sabrah was so enjoyable and she put up with me professionally through the whole design process. I still have work to do on some design elements for the site, so those are forthcoming. However, I’m immensely impressed and proud of the new logo. I hope it represents many of the ideals I founded this marketing business upon.