Ikusa: いくさ[戦]

Definition: Noun - war terrain, battlefield

Professional, strategic, and white-hat search engine optimization to help grow your relevancy and authority online. With decades working for the largest corporations, we have a unique and experienced approach to brand marketing.  Let Ikusa handle your entire marketing channel so you can rest easy.

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Our Experienced and Ethical Search Marketing Consulting and Coaching
can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Search Engine Optimization

We have over 20 years of multi-brand and e-commerce SEO experience that can help dramatically increase your online presence. Search Engine Optimization is a low-cost marketing channel that pays dividends to your brand over the long term. Let us build or help manage your SEO efforts so you stay aligned toward your goals and are focused on the most efficient and effective strategies and tactics.

Brand Marketing Consulting

Our responsible, professional approach to your brand experience focuses on caring for your brand while growing its exposure and global visibility.  We can work with your existing marketing efforts to help create more holistic and targeted campaigns, educate your teams on up-to-date best practices, or just work with you to brainstorm new opportunities with which to reach your customers.

Google Ads

Let Ikusa create, manage, and optimize your Google Ads campaigns.  We have over a decade of experience managing multi-million dollar ad budgets for Fortune 500 brands and can apply that experience to create more efficient and effective ads for your potential customers.  We focus on ROI, Quality Score, and controlled spending to built mature ad campaigns at any budget level.

A Lifetime of Experience

Ikusa is the brainchild of Sean Smith, Ikusa CEO, and President. His mission was simple – to aid online businesses by vastly improving their branding efforts. Sean Smith has worked as the VP of Search and Social Marketing for some of the top companies in the world managing multi-brands and international brands. We utilize over 20 years of experience in a Fortune-500 environment and consistently strives to bring a well-rounded and results-driven approach to our work. We also have incorporated invaluable trade-secret techniques, strategies, and direct training from companies like Google and Facebook – and apply them to our client’s marketing. By coaching and assisting you in online brand growth, we can help to bring a more professional and experienced marketing outlook to the future of your business.

Marketing with Moral Integrity

Ikusa was formed, in part, as an alternative to the rampant, unethical marketing tactics used by vendors who only focus on getting good short-term results at the expense of a company’s long term brand viability. Unfortunately, since some vendors expect high client turnover, they don’t take their clients’ unique goals or online reputation concerns into account. We wanted instead to build a compassionate, trustworthy company that values long-term relationships, integrity, and honesty over risky and potentially dangerous marketing tactics. In our years of online marketing management, we feel these are values that are lacking in abundance, and so Ikusa is designed to enforce and highlight strong ethical values and a “white-hat” approach to competitive marketing.

Personal Accountability and Responsibility

A key element of a successful marketing venture is the ability to be transparent and accountable for all of the work and communication involved. Often, companies lack a deep understanding of search marketing best practices. For this reason, it’s vital that a high-quality vendor remains clear, open, patient, and honest in both delivering on their responsibilities and maintaining open lines of communication between parties. Ikusa is committed, at its core, to put its money where its mouth is by providing factual and up-to-date data and analytics on demand – a rigorous devotion to transparency and risk management.

We can do this because we are so confident in our abilities that we hold ourselves accountable for your success and use data to inform our strategies. We’re proud to provide full client access and visibility into our data, how we do what we do, and more. Both Ikusa’s and our clients’ reputations are at stake unless we provide excellent service standards and complete honesty at all times. For this reason, we offer more personal accountability and responsibility than other vendors, thereby ensuring sustainable success for both of our businesses.

Sean has done a wonderful job updating our website. Not only was it out-of-date and difficult to navigate, but what was happening in the background was severely limited. He’s raised our profile on the internet and moved us miles ahead in tapping the marketing potential of the internet. Our site needed a refresher and an update. We needed someone that wasn’t just technical, but understood marketing. Sean is very talented in both areas and our site has become a crucial component of our marketing mix.
Pete Foster

Owner, Breadboard Restaurant

Ikusa not only understands website analytics and SEO better than most companies out there they put that knowledge to work on your site immediately. Feel free to spend thousands with other companies as we have done and get mixed results or go with IKUSA and get consistent and beneficial work done on your website regularly.
David Bridge

Owner, S3 Cases

Ikusa did an amazing job getting my website up and running perfectly and right on our target date too! Sean is easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and always willing to help you out when you need it! You can’t go wrong getting Ikusa to build your site!
Chef Rebecca Hurst

Owner, Diva Sweets N Treats

Sean is a strategic thinker with a high capacity output..
Jim Dustin

Creative Director, Citicards

Being a new business owner and not knowing much about web marketing or SEO, I contacted Sean Smith with Ikusa. I truly believe hiring Sean was one of the smartest decisions I made! Not only is he professional and knowledgeable but Sean goes above and beyond for his clients, taking the time to explain things in a way that someone without prior technical experience can understand. Ikusa has been a tremendous SEO and marketing asset for my company and I would recommend Sean and his company to any business looking to grow and strengthen their online presence!
Heather Goodwin

Owner, An Inspired Affair

Plexis has worked with Sean Smith for many years now, and have been very impressed with Sean”s SEO/SEM knowledge, and his ability to keep up with this ever-changing technology and discipline, and his ability to counsel us on how best we can/should proceed with modifications to our site, its content and our electronic press releases, all for the purpose of enhancing and increasing the effectiveness of our SEO/SEM.
Sean Garrett

Chief Marketing Officer, Plexis

Working with Sean was a pleasure. I was very unsure of building a website and writing code. Sean put me at ease and offered several levels of help and ensured his participation throughout the project. His updates on were easy to follow and he finished all the tasks I needed in a timely manner. The end result is a website that I am proud of and I learned some new computer skills as well.
Troy Brown

Owner, Troy Brown Hair Styling

The only thing to compare to Sean’s industry knowledge is his ability to mentor peers, work within a team and in having an open mind in accepting new ideas. I would not hesitate for a second to work with or for Sean at a future date.
Casey Edwinson

Digital Marketing Manager, Musician's Friend

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Ikusa is a unique boutique agency specializing in high-quality and trustworthy online marketing.  Get in touch with us and let's see if I can help grow your business online.

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